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Premium knives for the discerning user.

Paul Lusk Knives are meticulously hand crafted for the ultimate user experience.  Each knife is carefully made from the finest materials to provide superior aesthetics, incredible comfort, perfect balance, and unparalleled performance. 

Every knife is made with function and beauty in mind.  Ergonomics, balance, and blade geometry are incorporated to perform a specific task, whether it be slicing, chopping, or piercing. With thoughtfully contoured handles and steel tolerances to the thousandth (00.001") of an inch, your Paul Lusk hand crafted knife will feel and perform beyond your expectations. 

The utmost personal attention is given to all of the knives I make.  As a full time custom knifemaker, I make each knife as if I were making it for myself.  No knife leaves my shop until it reaches my personal specifications.

Considering each knife I create is 100% hand crafted and all materials vary, you can be confident that your knife is truly one of a kind. 


Explore the galleries below to find the knife most suited for you.  Contact me for questions or to place an order.  Current wait time is approximately 4 months.

Knives For Sale
Hunters & Skinners
Liner Lock Folders
Hidden Tang Bowies
Kitchen Knives
Knife Making Training

Email me at for any assistance.


“I skinned 4 deer and 1 hog with my Little River Pocket Skinner.  This is the best knife I own!"


Kyle L., Houston, TX​

"The Urban Instinct folder you made me surpassed my expectations!  I would have paid twice as much for it! I'll definitely be coming back for more!"


Ryan R., Tulsa, OK

“The knife I got from you stayed sharp during my entire hunt.  It usually takes me 3 knives to do the job that 1 of yours did!"

Lyle Y., Lubbock, TX​

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