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If you are looking for the Frequently Asked Questions section, please scroll down and read that before you contact me.  Many of the questions people have are answered there.  Thanks!

Wayne LaPierre, NRA.

R. Lee Ermey (AKA Gunny).
Joe Teti (Dual Survival)
Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke & Tombstone)

I am a full time knife maker and I currently reside in Spring, Texas, a suburb of Houston.  My knives have appeared in the World's Greatest Book of Knives, Blade Magazine, Knife Magazine, Knife World, and Knives Illustrated. 


I have a broad background in fine art, including sculpting, painting, and drawing - all of which have helped me develop a keen sense for aesthetics and a sharp eye for detail when designing and crafting knives.  My knives are thoughtfully designed and shaped to provide comfort, beauty, and utility.


Each one of my custom knives is carefully created with a purpose in mind, whether it be skinning and quartering game, preparing a fine meal, or simply providing everyday function. 

I use the stock removal method for making my knives.  My specialty lies in full tang knives and liner lock folders made of a variety of fine stainless and Damascus steels.


For handles, I work with a variety of materials such as micarta, G10 fiberglass, carbon fiber, various stabilized woods, and antler. I also enjoy working with exotic materials such as camel bone, giraffe bone, and mammoth ivory.

I have been a member of the Knifemakers' Guild and the Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association (TKCA).

I take pride in my customer service skills and working closely with clients on custom knife orders.  Whether the knife you order is an everyday carry companion or an investment piece for display, rest assured that it will be given the utmost attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this before you send me an email.  I get many inquiries, and unfortunately I am not able to meet everyone’s needs.  This might save you from having to spend the time of sending me an email.

Q.  Do you teach knife making?

A.  Yes!  I own  I do not take students because of time constraints, but is almost like being in the shop, plus you can always refer to them if you happen to forget something.

Q.  How long will it take to get my knife after I order it?

A.  My waiting list is generally 3-4 months.  I sometimes have knives in inventory and can be found on my knives for sale page.


Q.  Do I have to make a deposit on my order?

A.  Yes.  A deposit of 25% is required before I start making your knife.  If for some reason you can’t pay upon completion, then the deposit will be returned after I sell the knife to another buyer. 

Q.  Do you forge?

A.  No.  I use the stock removal method.


Q.  Will you make me a knife based on a drawing or photo?

A.  It just depends. It has to be within reason.  If it is something I can do, then yes, I will gladly do it if you are willing to wait and pay a design fee. If it is a fantasy knife or something totally outlandish, then no. Many people have a general idea of what they might want, and I will make suggestions as to what should probably be changed for comfort and practicality.  There are some people who want some wild designs that I have no experience in or do not have the equipment to produce, and if that is the case, I will refer you to someone who might be able to.


Q.  Will you make a sheath for my factory knife or a knife made by another maker?

A.  I’ll have to see a picture of it first.  If it has to be shipped to me, then the customer is responsible for round trip shipping plus the cost of the sheath.

Q.  Do you make serrated blades?

A.  No.  Once serrated blades get dull, they are basically trash because they are very difficult, if not impossible, to sharpen.  If you have proper blade geometry and design, you won’t need serrations, and you’ll be able to resharpen it, too.  There isn’t much demand for serrations in the custom knife world, so I never considered doing it.


Q.  Do you make chisel point tanto blades?

A.  No. They are not practical and are way too thick at the leading edge, which means they can only be sharpened a few times until you are trying to sharpen something like a screwdriver.  I do make knives with an angle point, but they are not chisel ground.


Q.  Do you repair/restore knives?

A.  I will gladly repair it if I made it.  I do not repair knives made by another knifemaker or manufacturer.  Repairs made on my knives are usually free of charge, unless there was serious neglect or misuse.

Q.  Will you assemble a knife if I send you the parts?

A.  No. 

Q.  Will you make me a blank or make a partial knife so I can finish it?

A.  No.

Q.  Will you make me something that isn’t related to knives?

A.  No.  I have a system in place and have many people patiently waiting on knives they have ordered, and unfortunately I don’t have the time to dedicate to making a specialty part for a house/car/workshop project.

Q.  Do you make balisongs?

A.  No.

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