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Hunters & Skinners

Mix and match your choice of materials & designs to get your ultimate custom hunting knife.  To place an order, contact me.

-The Rio Concho-

The Rio Concho is one of my best selling hunting knives.  Overall length is 8.25", and is for a medium size hand.  Prices without bolsters start at $395, and come with a custom leather sheath.  Prices with bolsters start at $525.  Click on the picture for a better view.

-The Endeavor-

The Endeavor is slightly larger than the Rio Concho, with an overall length of 8.75".  This is a great overall hunting knife that would please the most discerning recipient.  Pricing is the same as the Rio Concho.

-Little River Pocket Skinner-

This little skinning knife is my most popular fixed blade.  It measures at 6.25" overall length, and is designed to be cradled in your palm with your index finger running along the spine of the blade.  Described by many as "the ultimate skinning knife", this little companion has been used by professional hunters across the globe.  Basic model without bolsters starts at $325 with custom leather sheath, $425 with bolsters.

-The Urban Instinct-

With an overall length of 7.75", the Urban Instinct never fails to impress people with it's comfortable feel and balance.  If you're needing a great all around knife or a gift for that special someone, this knife is a great choice.  Price starts at $375.

-Three Finger Drop Point-

This new design is quickly rising among the ranks of my best sellers.  Used as either an everyday carry sidekick or a skinner, it's hard to keep up with the demand for these.  6.25" overall length, cutting edge is 2.5".  Prices start at $350 with a custom leather side draw sheath.  Vertical sheath is available upon request.

-The Walsenburg-

If you have an average size hand, The Walsenburg has an incredible feel!  It just sticks in your hand!  Overall length of 8", and is priced similar to the Rio Concho and The Endeavor.

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