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Liner Lock Folders

I craft my folders to the thousandth of an inch accuracy for smooth action.  The liners, bolsters, and spacer bar are made from top grade titanium for durability, which also makes them lighter and rust proof.  Stainless steel or other materials for bolsters and spacer bar are available upon request.  Contact me by clicking here to order one.

-Gentleman's Folder-

Sleek, but not dainty, the Gent's folder has a great hand feel and isn't too much to have in your pocket or clipped to your jeans.  Overall length is about 6.5".  Prices start at $700.  Additional charge for pocket clip, embellishments and exotic materials.

-Urban Instinct-

Based on the popular fixed blade model of the same name, the Urban Instinct is slightly longer, yet a little sleeker than The Gent folder, but isn't too big with an overall length of about 8". Base price is $725.

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